White Spots on Teeth

If you’ve noticed white spots on your teeth or your little one’s teeth, it’s normal to be worried. 

Is it something that requires cosmetic dental care or is it normal? Here's what you need to know. 

Read on to find out what can cause white spots on teeth and how you can get rid of them. 

What Are White Spots on Teeth?

White spots appear randomly on your teeth and can vary in size and shape, making patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. They usually are not associated with pain and they don’t go away with regular brushing or on their own. Sometimes they are an early sign of decay, but other issues can lead to them. 

What Causes White Spots?

There are several possible causes for white spots on your teeth, from trauma and injury to a vitamin deficiency, fluorosis, or certain illnesses and infections. 

  • Demineralization can appear in very young children and adults alike, and it’s an early sign of decay. It’s caused by the reduced concentration of minerals in the enamel, leaving the tooth more exposed to decay. 
  • Enamel hypoplasia is a condition caused by a poor diet, illness involving high fever, premature birth, or exposure to tobacco during pregnancy. Enamel hypoplasia may or may not cause decay, but it can be solved with microabrasion, veneers, or bleaching.
  • Fluorosis is caused by exposure to excess fluoride, which can happen especially in smaller children when the toothpaste used for their hygiene contains too much fluoride. When buying toothpaste for the little ones, make sure you read the age specification on the package, as the level of fluoride will vary.

What Are the Treatment Options for White Spots?

The treatment for white spots on teeth depends on the cause of this type of discoloration. The dentist will carefully examine your teeth and choose the right approach for your case.

If your white spots are caused by demineralization, your dentist will most likely apply a treatment at the cabinet, give you indications on how to maintain proper oral hygiene, and make sure the spot is monitored for decay. 

For fluorosis, there are several options of treatment, depending on the severity of the case: veneers, bleaching, microabrasion, etc.

If you are lucky, the white spots are just stained that will go away with a professional cleaning in the dental office. 

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